Voice Recorder Pro

Voice Recorder Pro

Audio Recorder – Dictaphone
Voice Recorder  – Voice Memos is a one of best audio recorders in Google Play with over a million users and thousand positive feedbacks. Mostly known as professional, premium, easy voice recorder for Android devices. Use it for record voice memos, talks, podcasts, music and songs in high quality. Designed for everybody, especially students, journalists and musicians. Never miss important information during a meeting or at the lecture. XiiaLive™ Pro Internet Radio

App is easy to use and free. Tags can be easily added to any part of the recording. Memo files can be easily shared to other applications. Voice recorder recording quality is limited by the quality device’s microphone. Fully compatible with Android Wear devices. Audio recorder also supports external bluetooth microphone.
Note: This app is not a call recorder.

Group recording
Group all your vocal recordings into defined categories. Mark your favourite talks and memos. Place recording tags, attach bookmarks, choose colors and icons. Achieve clear and sharp sound.

High quality sound recorder
With two simple taps configure all recording options. Choose your sample rate. Enable stereo recorder and silence remover. Use Android’s built-in effects to remove noise, cancel echo and control gain. Record your voice from external bluetooth microphone or one of built-in microphones.

Free On-device Transcription
Powered by advanced AI and neural technology, provides a fast and accurate conversion of spoken words into written text, ensuring privacy and convenience for users. Enhance your experience with our reliable and efficient on-device transcription completely for free.

Audio Trimmer and Cutter
Select the best part from the recording then trim and cut the desired part of the audio for using in Ringtone, Notification tones, Alarm tones. Application is designed to make audio recordings editing so easy and fun.

Wireless Transfer
Use Wi-Fi transfer to export data to your computer fast and easy without any additional software. Just make sure that you are connected to the same network and you can start transferring.

Cloud Integration
With integrated Google Drive and Dropbox module your audio recordings will be automatically synced with your cloud account. It allows you access from all your devices. You can use it to create extra copies of data in case the original is lost or damaged.

Include Location
Automatically add current location to recording. Search recordings by address or find them on the map.

All Features:
– Supported formats: MP3, AAC (M4A), Wave, FLAC
– Waveform visualizer and editor
– Android Wear support
– Import memos from other apps
– Multiple sound sources: Mobile phone microphone, external Bluetooth recording
– Wifi voice memos transferring
– Display content from Cloud
– Export as backup to Google Drive and DropBox
– Android App Shortcuts support
– Support stereo recording
– Recording in background
– Integration with widget
– Silence skip, gain reduction, echo canceler

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Voice Recorder Pro This is an application with super simple use and a useful tool for users to record voice, songs, or conversations for personal work with a top-notch sound quality time, suitable for all subjects.

Voice Recorder Pro


Voice Recorder Pro is not too difficult for you to use because it is designed with a simple interface but still works at full capacity with the new features it owns. To start using it, you need first to activate the modes and experiment with the recordings first; if you want to sort files by subject, the application will help you organize them into different categories. Plus, you can select favorites by bookmarking them and customize colors and icons for easier bookmarking and searching.

Voice Recorder Pro Voice Recorder Pro


Sometimes when you record, you won’t be able to avoid outside noises, so it will lead to not being able to hear the main sound clearly and cause discomfort. However, do not worry because this application is the best solution when it comes to separating unnecessary sounds to direct the main conversations. Simply use a double-tap on the screen to initiate the removal process, plus select a sample rate and take advantage of built-in effects that cancel out external noises to avoid echoes. The app allows you to use an external Bluetooth microphone for voice recording.


In order for users to have the best experience, the application will promote all the necessary functions to send you great moments of use. All you need to do is connect to wifi or mobile data as long as it is decisive for uninterrupted, then use it as you like. Besides, if you want to export your recording files to another device, you can use the super simple wireless transfer feature. The application will not need you to use a 3rd party software, so it will not take too much time to move data.

Voice Recorder Pro Voice Recorder Pro


  • Recording is easier with the attractive features that the application brings now you can freely record your favorite conversations, lectures, or songs
  • The application is designed with a beautiful interface, and the functional items are easy to find. You can create your favorites and adjust the colors, icons
  • Supports noise cancellation for easier listening with just a few simple steps, plus you can use an external Bluetooth microphone to record your voice
  • Super simple data transfer via computer without using 3rd party software, but you also need to make sure the quality of your internet connection is okay or not
  • Automate recording files via Google Drive integration, and you can make copies of recording data in case of loss

Voice Recorder Pro v9.2.0 MOD APK (Patched/Mod Extra) Download

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