StoryShots Book Summaries

StoryShots Book Summaries

1,000’s of free audiobooks, book summaries, and cliff notes!

👑Featured as one of the world’s best learning apps by The Guardian, The Economist, Google, and Apple & the #1 alternative to Blinkist
🙌 Praised by Bill Gates’ favorite author
🎧 Featured by Google as a top audiobook app in 175 countries
🏆 Finalist to the UN’s global awards
🔝 Organically ranked top 10 in 80 countries including Canada, The UK, China, India, Germany, Mexico, and Singapore

Learn key insights from audio books on literature, leadership and more

Learn the key lessons of bestselling nonfiction books in minutes and be the envy of your book club by having books a million. Get book summaries of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffett, Eckhart Tolle, Rachel Hollis, Grant Cardone and more!

Nothing beats reading a great book cover to cover. But have you ever left one unfinished? Instead, use StoryShots to learn the key takeaways of bestselling nonfiction books in minutes. For FREE.

Our mission is to make the key lessons of the world’s best books accessible to EVERYONE.

We create our own original content or find and link to book summaries, insights and key takeaways from thousands of blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts so you don’t have to.

Listen to audiobooks from the library on the go!

Do you prefer to listen to podcasts and free audiobooks on the go, while exercising or doing chores? Read faster and more with book summaries and reviews in audiobook form.

Find books a million and discuss them in your book club

Use our powerful book reader to read at your convenience. Highlight, take notes, read offline, share image quotes, read and listen at the same time, and more to elevate your learning. Find books a million that are perfect for your book club.

Read on your ebook reader or desktop with our PDF and Send to Kindle and Kobo support.

Learn visually with infographics, video and animated content

Are you a visual learner like 65% of the population? StoryShots is the only app that doesn’t leave you out! Learn key book insights with infographic, mind map, video and animated content.

StoryShots is the best free alternative to Blinkist, Instaread, getAbstract, CliffNotes, Microbook, Headway, Reese’s Book Club, Scribd, Audible, Audm, Libby by Overdrive, Storytel, SparkNotes, Apple Books, Chirp Audiobooks, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Hoopla, GoodReads, Readly, Nook, Mindvalley, Books a Million, Quora, Kobo, Readwise, Udemy, Coursera, MasterClass, Skillshare, Lucid, FanFiction, TED Masterclass, Lynda, Bookbub, and more.

Find books from popular authors including Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Donald Trump, Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), Hal Erod (Miracle Morning), Eckhart Tolle, James Clear (Atomic Habits), David Goggins, Warren Buffet, Kobe Bryant, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday and more.

StoryShots Book Summaries

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The content and book covers are downloaded from StoryShots is an affiliate partner of Amazon and Audible. The affiliate commissions earned from the sales of the books help fuel our free tier. StoryShots also links directly to third-party content that is publicly and freely available. The content is not affiliated or endorsed by the publishers or authors and is only intended as educational previews of the books.

Those who love reading can’t miss StoryShots: Audiobooks & Books. The application provides users with a beautiful bookstore with countless popular and world-famous books. Here users can enjoy reading books, listening to new audiobooks; this application will summarize and read the content of the books for you to listen to. This is a paradise for busy people—those who do not have time but still want to study and learn different types of books.

StoryShots Book Summaries StoryShots Book Summaries


The application is designed with a unique and novel interface to attract users, rich titles, book illustrations, … Suitable for all ages, all subjects such as a person who is blind, an older who cannot see clearly, children who cannot read

StoryShots Book Summaries

In addition, the sound in the application is emitted according to the user’s preferences, bringing different emotions—the most comfortable feeling when using the application. Customize the rhythm, voice, … bring the reader to the sublimation of emotions. The application meets the needs of both work, study, and entertainment of users.


StoryShots gives users a feeling of relaxation and comfort when using. Listening to reading books helps to stimulate our brain, increase our ability to communicate, remember,… This is an application that helps you be flexible in use, and Audiobooks are suitable for running, moving on the road, doing housework, etc… Help users save more time, can use it anytime they want, or have free time.

StoryShots Book Summaries

In addition to the above features, the application also has many other valuable features such as helping users take notes, sharing quotes, and even reading while offline, … and many other utilities that users can use. Many utilities that the application brings have helped many people. This is a brilliant application. Skillshare Online Classes


The application has many genres of books by famous authors such as Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), … it is effortless to use and prevalent in life. Recognized by Google as the top audiobook in 175 countries around the world. Ranked in the top 10 in 80 different countries such as the UK, China, Singapore,… Along with countless other awards. Reading has many benefits such as improving vocabulary, researching science, society, learning about hot issues in society. So the app publisher knows how to exploit those problems and turn them into a StoryShots that suits user tastes.

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