Music Player Mezzo

Music Player Mezzo

(Offline) Music Player Mezzo – Beta

I want you enjoy Mezzo and hope you will! 🙂

– Waveform Seekbar (*)
– Equalizer with presets and Sound Effects (Bass Boost, Virtualizer)
– Instant search
– Dark & Light themes with accent color customization
– Folders view (List or Hierarchy structure; “only current folder” and “folder + subfolders” modes) with instant search support, Albums, Artists, Genres views
– Playlists (simply create & manage)
– Favorites, Most played, Last played playlists
– Music library settings: excluded folders, minimum songs duration
– Sorting (by title, album (+ album year), artist, duration, date added/modified)
– Tag editor (+ lyrics & cover art)
– Lyrics: .lrc synchronized or embedded
– Auto scanning device for new music
– Scrobbling support (with auto detect feature)
– Sleep timer (by songs, time or interval)
– customizable Widget 4×1, Widget 4×4
– Headset (+Bluetooth): Plug & Play support (**), Double/Triple click support
– Set as Ringtone feature

* may not work for some tracks/formats
** without limitation after ads removed

Music Player Mezzo is an application that makes it possible to experience songs with a convenient and customized experience. You will easily update new songs or find them quickly. At the same time, playlists will be archived or exported depending on their needs. It also allows you to experience many other benefits, especially when using external devices. Doninn Audio Editor

Music Player Mezzo Music Player Mezzo


In Music Player Mezzo, users will find various playlists such as the playlists you heard last, the favorites you bookmarked, and the ones you created yourself. These lists are often heard for different purposes depending on the user’s mood. Also, in the new version of the app, you’ll find a playlist export feature if you’re looking to change devices but don’t want to lose your favorite playlists.


When you experience Music Player Mezzo, you will find many features that make your entertainment time with music completely guaranteed and customized if you want. It’s easy to adjust your listening experience as you manage your songs and playlists with easy searching. At the same time, the auto-update feature comes in handy when you’ve just downloaded a new song and want to listen to it right away.

Music Player Mezzo Music Player Mezzo


The first feature that anyone will love when experiencing Music Player Mezzo is that they can adjust some elements related to the song’s sound. You can easily use the equalizer to adjust the bass, volume, sound quality, and many other factors. At the same time, the visualizer feature goes entirely with the above feature and gives you customized sound effects according to your needs.


As mentioned above, you will find an auto-scan feature in Music Player Mezzo to help you find new songs that have just appeared on your device. It will scan to different folders inside the application and facilitate your search. At the same time, you also find many ways to search within this application, such as basic search, looking in folders, or even search by any criteria you can find.


Besides some of the above valuable features, you can also find many more interesting experiences using Bluetooth music devices. The application’s features will fully support them, especially those with touch features to control and perform corresponding actions.

Music Player Mezzo Music Player Mezzo


One of the nice things about the app is that you’ll find a lot of support for your uses. The app’s lyrics will be synced, which you can follow and sing along if you want. At the same time, the application also sets up widgets so that users can open music more quickly. In addition, when you listen to music at night, don’t skip the sleep timer, and you can also set your favorite songs as ringtones.

The app’s remarkable features help listen to your music, such as:

  • You’ll find features that make your listening experience customizable, like equalizer and visualizer, while making the songs just right for you.
  • Finding songs is easy because they are always automatically updated and can be found with many different criteria.
  • You can create various playlists in the app and export them on other platforms with the lyrics always in sync.
  • Bluetooth music devices are also supported in listening to music, especially the controls that you can use with them.
  • You can completely set the listening time according to the sleep timer, control it by widget, or even set a ringtone if you want.

Music Player Mezzo v2021.12.20 APK + MOD (Full Unlocked) Download

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