Multitran Russian Dictionary

Multitran Russian Dictionary

This is the largest Russian dictionary where you can find translations in several languages. The dictionary not just contains words you use in your daily life, but also more difficult constructions, like words you use at certain themes (business, logistics, history, technics). English Grammar Learn And Test

Of course, you can do anything you expect from a dictionary, but there is more: It also has an extensive word trainer! This trainer is personal, which means you can add all the words to your personal dictionary and learn those words with the word trainer.
The word trainer has different exercises, which makes you practice all that is necessary: Your writing skills, your listening skills, your pronunciation, and your reading skills.
This makes that the app is indispensable when learning a language! It is suitable for any level.

Supported languages:

English – Russian Dictionary
German – Russian Dictionary
French – Russian Dictionary
Italian – Russian Dictionary
Spanish – Russian Dictionary
Dutch – Russian Dictionary
Esperanto – Russian Dictionary
Estonian – Russian Dictionary
Latvian – Russian Dictionary
Afrikaans – Russian Dictionary
Kalmyck – Russian Dictionary
Greek – Russian Dictionary
Chinese – Russian Dictionary
Norwegian – Russian Dictionary
Polish – Russian Dictionary
Swedish – Russian Dictionary
Japanese – Russian Dictionary

1. Personal dictionary – you are able to add words to your personal dictionary.
2. Managing your own dictionary – you are able edit your personal dictionary or to clear it.
3. Various Settings – you may change the application’s font.
4. Word spelling, using Text-To-Speech module.
5. Context word search – click any word in the translation article and search for it’s translation.
6. Voice input.
7. Detailed view with sentences/phrases tapping on the words.
8. Simple and intuitive interface.
9. Russian Translator

If you are learning Russian and need to learn about it, then find this useful application. It will support and help you a lot in working and learning about Russian. This dictionary contains essential words and many more complex words and is divided into many levels, and each group has different content and topics for you to study.


Coming to Multitran Russian Dictionary, users will freely enter the documents they need to find with their voice in the most convenient and fastest way. This application will format your voice correctly, and you will not have to waste time typing each document in a time-consuming manner to use this method instead. It will help you feel more satisfied and convenient every time you use it.

Multitran Russian Dictionary Multitran Russian Dictionary


Multitran Russian Dictionary will allow you to search for new words in any context freely. For example, you can choose that word in a particular article or text if you do not understand some phrase and then find the most complete and accurate translation. Besides, you also have the right to install the most suitable font for easy viewing.


Users will enjoy a simple interface with gentle, harmonious colors, making users feel very comfortable and comfortable. Besides, the layout and arrangement of each translation are also clearly and tightly distributed, making it easier for users to see the details of each sentence and each phrase to be translated.


Suppose you are pursuing and learning about Russian. In that case, you need to immediately download Multitran Russian Dictionary to your computer because it is a modern tool known as an effective arm that always supports learning as well as your work in the perfect way. You will learn much better and be more accessible because it always provides you with a vast vocabulary and a meaningful knowledge base, helping you expand your mind and understanding.

Multitran Russian Dictionary Multitran Russian Dictionary


Multitran Russian Dictionary will provide and bring you a lot of different language practice exercises for each level, depending on your ability. This application will thoroughly train you in essential listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. More than that, it will give you some great tips on how to study and give you some of the unique solutions to improve your foreign language skills. If you want to be fluent and good at Russian, you need to study hard and persevere in practicing it every day to be good at it. In general, whether you can do this or not depends on yourself.


This application is for everyone from children to adults, students or students, who have the right to use it comfortably as long as they want to learn Russian and expand their capital his knowledge. Moreover, this application is straightforward to use, with just a few small steps, and you can translate the words and paragraphs that you need to solve. In addition, it applies to popular languages ​​such as English, German, French, Chinese, and many other famous countries.

Multitran Russian Dictionary Multitran Russian Dictionary


  • Comfortably enter text documents through the use of voice to save effort and time.
  • Help you further improve your Russian with thoughtful training.
  • Improve and learn a considerable treasure of vocabulary as well as improve your knowledge.
  • Enjoy a simple interface, gentle color coordination, and very clear, accurate display content.
  • For everyone to use if they are in need of learning Russian.

Multitran Russian Dictionary v4.1.3 APK + MOD (Ad-Free) Download

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