Miga Town My Store

Miga Town My Store

You can define the dress-up, hairstyle and magical makeup in the game depending on your preferences. Show your unique charm and write down your own story! Miga Town My Vacation


Show off all your creative ideas in the Miga Store . You can change your clothes, dye your hair into any color, or create your best friend and explore unknown places together with him/her. Tens of billions of changes allow you to make any combination you want.


– 6 scenes: Apartment, sports store, supermarket, clothing store, fashion store, hair salon

– Apartment: Two apartments in different styles may let you experience different moods

– Sports store: Head towards the sports supermarket to buy golf supplies or take part in the boxing training

– Supermarket: Spend some time on food and enjoy the enticing delicacies

– Clothing store: You can find a large collection of the latest clothes here to dress yourself up. Don’t leave in a hurry. Take a photo to memorize this moment!

– Fashion store: Take time to pick out cute or cool glasses. Rich accessories are ready for you to choose

– Hair salon: More beautiful hair styles and more DIY tools are waiting for you to create your own characters

–Give full play to children’s creativity
–Tens of billions of customized modes
–No third-party advertising
–No time limit or score ranking list

Miga Town My Store wants people to immerse themselves in endless entertainment as they delight in exploring or designing their stores. It’s a family game with lots of friendly content, suitable for parents to enjoy with kids in creating endless possibilities. Best of all, it will always update with new content to diversify everyone’s store chain to a different extent.

Miga Town: My Store


When players come to My Store, the first thing is to explore or visit local stores to learn more about their items. Of course, they can shop for anything to suit their taste, even research or interact with all sorts of vivid objects to serve many other impressive purposes. On top of that, people can freely change their outfits to create a variety of atmospheres around them through individual creativity.


Once players have finished exploring the local shops, they can start and work on building their own. The game doesn’t have any restrictions or constraints, so everyone can freely decide what themes or products their store will sell. They can also open multiple stores simultaneously in the chain, thereby enjoying the prosperity that comes from the passive income that each store brings in each period.

Miga Town: My Store


Beauty salons are also popular with potential female customers, where they relax or change their looks constantly. My Store will have many options for players to customize or design each store in their style, even upgrade or install more new equipment to improve productivity. Beauty-related stores will also have a lot of influence from the top units, helping players optimize all processes later.


Everyone loves clothing or fashion, which motivates players to build many fashion stores with distinctive styles. The system or the staff will automatically update or refresh many items from time to time, but the player can provide additional capital or change the interior design within them. Of course, they can also design many unique clothes to attract more valuable customers and increase idle revenue.

Miga Town: My Store


Players can befriend several NPCs to explore or enjoy new services and local shops together. Some of the particular stores in My Store are more interesting when accompanied by friends and open up new possibilities for interaction or virtually healing friendships. Over time, players can accumulate enough points when shopping with friends and exchange rare rewards or products at specific point stores.

Miga Town: My Store


The mini-games in the game are all friendly and entertaining as they are all creative and based on many concepts available in the gameplay. Most of all, their rewards are always generous and alternate between bonuses or additional items for players to decorate their characters or create new content. Also, every store that the player owns will have separate mini-games to enjoy while friends are shopping.

Miga Town: My Store

My Store will create new and fascinating experiences when players build a chain of stores or explore the shopping world through a magnificent perspective. Above all, their journeys with their families are also rich in potential as people can customize or indulge in a variety of outstanding and refreshing activities.


  • Explore and start shopping with endless products and pleasures, which motivate or inspire new ideas to open shops.
  • Open new stores with various merchandise and products to satisfy every type of customer, whether beauty or fashionista.
  • Make friends and start shopping together with new manners and entertainment compared to shopping alone.
  • Design new products with an exclusive editor by adding unique and exotic details while coming up with new ideas with family or friends.
  • Enjoyable mini-games with creative factors and gameplay for players has the best moments.

Miga Town My Store v1.5 APK + MOD (Unlocked All Content) Download

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