English Grammar Learn And Test

English Grammar Learn And Test

English Grammar Learn And Test app make it easy to improve your English grammar and get ready for an English grammar test or just improve your writing and speaking quickly. With the English Grammar app, you can study for FREE with 300 grammar lessons and 20000 tests (10000 with explanations). Best of all, you can access these features anywhere and anytime when you download our app. English 90000 Words And Pictures

300 grammar lessons and 20000 grammar questions will gradually improve your skills. When you complete your English test you see which aspects of English grammar you are good at and which of them require more practice. Prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, and GRE.

10000 Tests with Explanation

(New feature)

Confused Words

(New feature)
This section contains a lot of commonly confused words. They either look alike, sound alike or, worst of all, look and sound alike but have completely different meanings. Other words look and sound different but are similar in meaning, and it’s hard to determine which is the correct one in a given context.
800+ Confused Words
● Confused Words with explanation and example sentences

Common English Mistakes

(New feature)
This section includes common mistakes in English grammar rules and their usage so that you can spot the error in English grammar easily.
650+ common mistakes
22 categories
● Common English Mistakes with correct and incorrect sentences

🔴 English Grammar Learn And Test application has following features:

300 grammar lessons
20000 grammar tests
10000 tests with explanation
Search through grammar lessons
User Friendly
Works Offline
Optimized for Mobile & Tablets

🔴 Main topics covered in English Grammar app:
● Adjective
● Adverb
● Articles
● Conditional sentences
● Gerund and Infinitive
● Irregular Verbs
● Modals and Modal Auxiliaries
● Nouns
● Participles
● Passive Voice
● Phrasal verbs
● Prepositions
● Pronouns
● Punctuation
● Quantifiers
● Questions
● Reported Speech
● Sentences
● Verbs
● Tenses
● Comparison of Tenses
● Other Grammar

Study anywhere and anytime! The app works well both online and offline.

Download now and start learn more about the English language!
Our team wishes you success in learning English grammar!

English Grammar is an educational application with high efficiency in helping users master grammar, tenses, and more in English of all levels. It has many interesting features that enhance everyone’s learning performance while improving the user experience when practicing language skills.

English Grammar: Learn & Test


The most outstanding content that the application is proud of is the ability to practice or correct grammar or the process of using them effectively for users. Also, it will have many tests with different levels in English, and most of them test grammar ability to get started with lessons.


English is an interesting language and has depth thanks to the tenses that everyone uses in everyday life or interacting with things around them. The application will organize many lessons related to tenses to improve the user’s knowledge of using appropriate tenses incompatible situations.

English Grammar: Learn & Test English Grammar: Learn & Test


If users are confident with their English skills, taking the test will be a new experience as the tests are randomly structured based on everyone’s learning level. Based on the results obtained from the tests, the system will make an assessment and thereby continue to enrich the user with familiar knowledge or processes.


English is a popular language, so many mistakes often appear when users use them in public or elsewhere. Fortunately, the application has a separate category dedicated to helping users understand any problems or change the way they use English to avoid making minor mistakes.

English Grammar is one of the first choices if users want to improve their knowledge or skills in using English anytime, anywhere with the highest perfection.

English Grammar: Learn & Test English Grammar: Learn & Test


  • Improve the English grammar with the app’s most outstanding lessons and features efficient methods to help users learn anytime.
  • Learn new English tenses and use them widely without errors and even improve the vocabulary or the utilization of words to the peak of perfection.
  • Test your skills with fascinating tests constructed randomly to improve your English skills with flaws and change the desired contexts.
  • Learn more about common English mistakes used widely to avoid the silly mistakes made when interacting indirectly or verbally.
  • Learn the most confusing words in English to avoid or utilize them everywhere flawlessly while improving the overall effectiveness in English.

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