English 90000 Words And Pictures

English 90000 Words And Pictures

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😃English 90000 Words And Pictures Beginner or advanced learner, traveler, or business professional – This American English app works great and dynamically adjusts to your needs. English Tenses Book

👨‍👧‍👦 Join over 1.0 million people that are learning new languages from their mother tongue!.

🌺Why “English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures”? Because we build bridges between people by making language learning fun and easy through technological innovation.

☘️ Have a spare 5 minutes a day to learn some new words?

🤟 No Cramming. No Angry Tutors.

🌻 Enjoy a selection of over 90,000 flashcards: pick the words and memorize them with a one-of-a-kind spaced repetition technique.

🥳 No more cramming, stress, and angry teachers! With “English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures” you will learn the language whenever and wherever, at your own pace. You will improve your English and feel the beauty of knowing another language – from freedom while traveling to a higher-paying job.

🎉🎊🎇🎆💪🏆🥇 Here are the key features that make “English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures” a great tutor for you:

📚 Books and Audiobooks

✔️ “English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures” ’s library offers over 38 English books.

✔️ You can pick any difficulty, (from Basic to Advanced) then choose the genre you are most interested in and finally start reading & learning.

✔️ A word you don’t know? It’s is not an issue. Just one tap on the word to see its’ translation and another tap to add it to your “To-Learn” list.

✔️ Trouble with pronunciation? That’s why we have audiobooks that will drastically improve your speaking abilities!

✔️ Reading and listening are two cornerstones of learning English.

✔️ Learn Words and Track Your Progress

✔️Crystal-clear audio and professional voice actors.
» Learn the right American English pronunciation from conversations between native speakers.

✔️State-of-the-art Speech Recognition.
» “English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures” knows exactly how to listen to your American English words and phrases. You will only get positive feedback if you speak American English clearly and correctly. This will improve your pronunciation.

✔️Useful phrases for real situations. Memorizing hundreds of isolated words is not the way to go when it comes to learning American English. “English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures” teaches you American English vocabulary by offering you core words and phrases. Our American English language learning apps break the learning process down into short lessons and put them into themed packs.

✔️ 100% illustrated: Pictures directly carry the meaning – you don’t have to use your native language at all! No intermediary. Faster, more effective, and of course more fun! 🙂
✔️5 min sessions: limiting practice time sounds crazy but it makes it incredibly addictive – which is a cool thing for learning. The barrier of entry is close to zero so you can’t have any excuses: you’ll have 5 minutes even on the busiest day!

👍Qucik: Keyboard typing is painfully slow. Welcome rapid swipes and taps! Trust us, you’ll need those extra seconds during the quick learning session 😉

👍Forge a habit: “English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures” wants to make you a language learning addict. Effectiveness is nothing without a well-established habit. We help you build one!

🎅 Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! If you have any concerns, recommendations or complaints just drop us a line at support@500000wordswithpictures.com and we will work towards making it better!

Start now and experience a new way of learning English
Speaking like a native has never been easier.

English Vocabulary builds bridges between people by having fun learning English through a new technology platform that helps you learn quickly. The application is considered an intelligent electronic notebook that provides up to 90,000 English words with pictures, which is very suitable for those who are just starting to learn. Works effectively based on your needs, you can study anytime, anywhere with just 5 minutes of free time a day you have learned some new words.

English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures


This application will be a perfect choice for those who are just starting to learn English or want to improve their level. Provide a huge vocabulary store along with 38 smart electronic English books to help you learn the best. Vocabulary will be accompanied by illustrations so that you can easily visualize and remember better. In addition, the application also allows to automatically adjust the level from basic to advanced depending on the needs of each person.


You will be able to choose the level and genre you are most interested in and start learning. English Vocabulary will be like a close friend who will study with you. Monitor your learning progress to help you correct mistakes when pronouncing it will significantly improve your speaking ability. Professional voice actors with a high level of accurate pronunciation help you learn pronunciation better. English words are pronounced according to the American English style and from conversations of native speakers for the most accurate pronunciation.

English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures


Each word will be illustrated with pictures to help you remember better. Common English phrases for real-life situations with the most meaningful and true images help you maximize your ability to memorize and absorb more easily. The application will not remind you to study too much at once, but the lessons will be divided into small lessons divided by topic for you to choose your favorite topic. You will receive feedback that can be positive or negative expressed through fun sticker effects that help you improve your skills and hone new words every day.

English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures


  • Provides 90,000 vocabulary words with pictures and more than 38 English books for you to learn anywhere.
  • Allows you to choose the level from primary to advanced depending on each person’s ability.
  • The application will correct your mistakes, track your learning progress to help you improve your skills.
  • Common phrases in real-life situations, helping you to memorize and apply them better.
  • 100% illustrated images bring meaning through each word for better visualization and brain training.

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