Earth 3D World Atlas

Earth 3D World Atlas

This interactive 3D globe features wonders of the world, political and physical maps, and weather. Discover a lot of fascinating facts and useful information about our planet! Original and colorful graphics, user-friendly interface and accurate information – this is what Earth 3D – World Atlas is all about! English Grammar Test

• Relief model of the Earth
• World political and physical maps
• Day/night cycle with city lights
• Time zones
• More than 2,600 geographic objects
• More than 500 wonders of the world
• More than 2,100 photos
• Human World add-on
• Animal World add-on
• Plant World add-on
• Sky Map add-on
• Full description of any object or point on the surface
• 15x zoom
• Global weather
• Demo mode with an original music track

And much more! New data is constantly being added, so please expect further updates!

Earth 3D is like a miniature sphere that can be rotated, moved, and clicked anywhere to find information about places. The content provided will be highly diverse such as history, culture, animals, and developed civilizations. Users can learn complete and accurate information in the form of images or text if they choose a specific destination. The new interface and many new location updates in the update make the app famous and popular.

Earth 3D – World Atlas


All that’s happening is provided right on the main Earth 3D screen. Users can freely observe and explore when rotating the globe. This is a virtual space but highly realistic, thanks to the support of beautiful 3D graphics techniques. The content provided is verified for accuracy and guaranteed to be delivered to you in the fastest time. Defects discovered should be reported to the system by evaluating the application. Different images describing the displayed content will be highlighted right above the location of each destination. There are a total of 2100 photos and information related to the locations.


Users can apply the information they want to learn right on the menu provided by us. For the time being, the version will allow you to choose between a variety of content such as culture, history, development, or animals. The user will select right on the board and press start to get the system up and running. The floating image provided will tell you what’s worth noting in the place. This is the fastest and most effective way to learn and discover information.

Earth 3D – World Atlas Earth 3D – World Atlas


Not only stopping at observing, but users of Earth 3D can also go to any location on the map and see the actual image of that place. Like a short trip, you can explore the space you want to with more than 2600 destinations. Everything captured on camera will be clearly explained in a text, and you can read the information while observing the images provided. Locations that are still darkened or have no prominent images will be undeclared areas, and we will soon perfect them to make your trip perfect.


It is possible to better understand what is happening in advanced, developed, or impoverished, backward countries by taking a trip to Earth 3D. The lifestyles of the people and animals who dwell in the area will be depicted in the most realistic photographs that can be offered. Traveling to more than 500 wonders of the world provides opportunities to observe and draw specific lessons. Everything appears to you to be unique and intriguing since it is rendered in exquisite three-dimensionality. It just takes a few seconds for the information to be processed and another few seconds to finish the journey.

Earth 3D – World Atlas Earth 3D – World Atlas


Earth 3D provides complete and accurate information about all locations present on the map. This is a learning and discovery app that fits everyone’s mindset. Users can enhance learning and search data anywhere right on the application. The colorful and easy-to-use interface will make you feel excited. All images and effects are applied with beautiful 3D graphics technology. New updates on other locations will be made available to you soon.


  • Watch all the activity happening in the world, see monumental buildings, preserved animals, and more right on your phone.
  • Go anywhere with just a few taps; you can change modes in seconds by working on the menu and pressing start to launch the system.
  • Discover content related to culture, geography, famous buildings, or animals being raised worldwide in seconds.
  • Get more offers on updated occasions thanks to the system’s rating recognition, various locations added, search for your favorite place.
  • Explore in more detail by clicking on the place or content you want to learn; we will provide information in the form of images and attached text for you.
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