Anatomy 3D Atlas

Anatomy 3D Atlas

This app is freely downloadable, however in-app purchase is required to unlock the contents.
The complete Skeletal System and a few other contents are always freely accessible enabling you to try the app properly.

“Anatomy 3D Atlas” allows you to study human anatomy in an easy and interactive way.
Through a simple and intuitive interface it is possible to observe every anatomical structure from any angle.
The anatomical 3D models are particularly detailed and with textures up to 4k resolution. TO-FU Oh!SUSHI 2

The subdivision by regions and the predefined views facilitate the observation and the study of single parts or groups of systems and the relationships between different organs.

“Anatomy – 3D Atlas” is an application aimed at medical students, doctors, physiotherapists, paramedics, nurses, athletic trainers and in anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of human anatomy.
This app is a fantastic tool to complement classic human anatomy books.

• Musculoskeletal system
• Cardiovascular system
• Nervous system
• Respiratory System
• Digestive System
• Urogenital system (male and female)
• Endocrine system
• Lymphatic system
• Eye and ear system

• Simple and intuitive interface
• Rotate and zoom each model in 3D space
• Option to hide or isolate single or multiple selected models
• Filter to hide or display each system
• Search function to easily find every anatomical part
• Bookmark function to save custom views
• Smart rotation which moves the center of rotation automatically
• Transparency function
• Visualization of muscles through levels of layers from the superficial ones down to the deepest ones
• By selecting a model or a pin, the related anatomical term shows up
• Description of the muscles: origin, insertion, innervation and action
• Show/Hide UI interface (very useful with small screens)

• The anatomical terms and the user interface are available in 11 languages: Latin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
• The anatomical terms can be displayed in two languages simultaneously

• Android 7.0 or later, devices with at least 3GB of RAM

3D Anatomy helps you overcome the dry wormwood knowledge by providing you with a male and female body figure to have intuitive and accurate knowledge. You can also choose the parts you want, and some of them come with a large amount of animation. At the same time, you can remove unnecessary layers and focus on the parts you want to find.

3D Anatomy


If you are interested in anatomy or are a medical student, you should not ignore 3D Anatomy. This application gives you access to the most complete and intuitive anatomy knowledge. From the images that you get from the application, you will surely be able to remember complex knowledge more efficiently. You will be amazed at what this app offers and take the time to explore it.


When you approach the anatomy knowledge in 3D Anatomy, you will surely be overwhelmed by the amount of information and images that this application brings. So the application gives you a feature that helps you choose what kind of anatomical layer you want. You are free to freely turn these layers on or off, and some of the parts you care about won’t be covered by other layers. At the same time, you can also select the parts to review them if you want.

3D Anatomy 3D Anatomy


Users will be able to find various body parts in the simulator that 3D Anatomy provides, and they will be able to choose male and female body anatomy freely. At the same time, when you observe, you will certainly not be able to ignore touching the parts that you see. So, through selection and touch, helpful information will appear and make it easier for you to access new knowledge. You may find several features to aid your selection.

In 3D Anatomy, users can find many parts belonging to different parts groups, so choosing a particular part by yourself will be difficult. So you can use the search for the position you want, and a few seconds later, the results will appear. You can continue to refine your observations to see the department better alone or with others in a group.


One of the points that makes knowledge more interesting is observing the animations of some parts that serve to move people. Those will be muscle groups, and the app offers more than 100 different dynamic clips that you can freely explore. At the same time, in the process of observing, you will know the working mechanism of these muscle groups, and of course, it will help the time of learning anatomy become less boring.

3D Anatomy 3D Anatomy


If you want to increase your knowledge and test your proficiency, you should not skip the small exercises. These exercises will help you redefine your knowledge of anatomical organs and their exact location. At the same time, you will know your problem among the knowledge you have learned and continue to improve over time. Improving by doing exercises works for many people.


Players will find English as the default language, and of course, the application still supports you with some other languages that you can choose from. It’s French, German, and Spanish for your convenience in accessing knowledge in a language you understand. Also, if the above-supported languages are still not the correct language for you, then the last choice is English because it is completely common for many people.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off these applicable human body models in learning:

  • Learning anatomy no longer becomes too difficult for many people as they have access to an accurate human body model with full body parts.
  • You are free to choose a male or female body to start learning and select the parts you are interested in to know more about them.
  • There are different anatomical layers in your body, so you are free to toggle these layers on or off to learn about specific groups of organs.
  • Exercises will help you memorize dry knowledge, and some parts groups are attached with animations to bring knowledge more vivid.
  • During the application use, you can find many different languages, and of course, English is still the default language suitable for many people.

3D Anatomy v6.2 APK (Patched) Download

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